Hands-on TLS workshop

Instructor: G√ľnther Bronner, Kathrin Birnbauer (Umweltdata), Bernhard Groiss (Riegl)

Tutorial description:

TLS for forest inventories

This workshop consists of a practical and a data processing part. The practical part will start by a field inventory session with two Riegl VZ400i scanners in the morning. Sampling design, scanner setup and acquisition of point-clouds will be demonstrated. Adoption of scan-patterns to different types of forest and requirements will be showcased and discussed. Participants can get a first hands-on experience.

We will me at the Telegrafenberg in Potsdam (https://goo.gl/maps/SRa8rd5Sydx7mk6z6) in front of house H. You can find a map of the scientific campus here: https://www.pik-potsdam.de/de/institut/kontakt/standort/campus-telegrafenberg

In the second part of the workshop (indoors), the collected data will be pre-processes regarding co-registration of point-clouds, quality check, filtering and export of LAS/LAZ files.

In a second step different types of feature extraction solutions for detection of key tree attributes such as DBH will be applied on the point-clouds.
The second part might have a 45 minute continuation session on one of the conference days to show and compare results from different feature extraction algorithms.


Participants should wear forest-compatible clothes.

Number of participants:

max. 25


29th of August 10:00-17:00


GFZ Potsdam – Telegrafenberg