Hands-on EnMAP Box

Instructors: Akpona Okujeni, Benjamin Jakimow

Tutorial description:

Regression-based mapping of forest aboveground biomass

Forest aboveground biomass (AGB) is a measure of the living and dead plant material in a given area. As such, it is often used for forest management, assessing fire potential, and is an important metric used in modelling carbon and nutrient cycles. AGB can be directly measured at a plot level by harvesting and weighing vegetation, but this is both an expensive and highly invasive process. Through the use of statistical modelling and remotely sensed imagery, AGB can be mapped across broad, spatially continuous areas using only a small number of directly measured biomass plots. This tutorial focuses on regression-based modeling of forest biomass using the EnMAP-Box. A hyperspectral image mosaic from the EnMAP sensor (here simulated from AVIRIS imagery) and a corresponding vector dataset containing aboveground biomass estimates are used for this tutorial. The aim is to provide an introduction into the functionality of the EnMAP-Box, as well as hands-on training for implementing regression-based mapping.


Participants need to bring their own laptop with the latest versions of QGIS and the EnMAP-Box plugin installed. A computer mouse with a scroll wheel is recommended. Further instructions will follow after registration of the participants.

Installation guide:


Number of participants:

max. 20 per tutorial


29th of August

10:00-12:00 or 14:00-16:00 (this tutorial is offered two times)


Room JK28/112