Google Earth Engine Hands-On

Instructor: Noel Gorelick

Tutorial description:

A hands-on introduction to Google Earth Engine

This 3 hour session will start with a short overview of “What Is Earth Engine”, followed by a hands-on workshop that takes participants through the basics of getting up and running with Earth Engine.  You will learn how to perform tasks such as image visualization, time-series compositing and areal statistic computations using the Earth Engine API and interactive development environment.

This workshop is best suited for researchers that are new to Earth Engine, but who are already familiar with some form of Earth observation / remote sensing data analysis techniques and some prior programming experience in a scripting language such as Python, R, Matlab or IDL.


Participants need to bring their own laptop with a recent version of Google Chrome installed, and should already have signed up for an Earth Engine account at

Number of participants:

max. 50


29th of August

14:00 – 17:00


Room J32/102