Abstract Submission

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Deadline for abstract submission: May 31, 2022

Please be aware that we will have no options to expand the deadline due to extremely tight schedule. We hence really ask all of you to submit your abstract before the deadline.

We know that this is may cause a bit of time pressure, but we are confident that you can all find a time window to prepare an abstract and submit in time and that we can welcome you in Berlin at the end of August

Submit Contribution

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  2. Create your account in ConfTool Conference management system choosing the user name and password. Your user name must be at least two (2) characters long. It is case sensitive. Passwords must have at least five characters. They must include at least one letter (a–z) and one number (0–9). Passwords are case sensitive.
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  5. There is also a third option to register for the conference, which forces you to choose the payment for participation is still closed. It will be opened at a later date, so you can use the option of creating an account and creating an account with sending the abstract at the same time. You have until May 31, 2022 to send an abstract using the ConfTool system.
  6. If you would like to attach the submission right now, choose the option “Submit and Begin With the Submission of a Contribution”.
  7. The new window will appear:
  8. Now you can choose one of the conference tracks:  ORAL or POSTER. Additionally, you can select that BOTH options are suitable for you.
  9. Complete the information on authors and affiliations and write a summary in the window (Contribution details). You can write max. 500 words.
  10. Below the abstract you will find a list of conference topics. They include both general conference topics and Special Sessions. You must select at least one topic that matches your abstract. You can of course choose more topics if you think that you want to apply to a special session or it will help us to match your application to the program. If you don’t see any topic that you can just use the last option at the bottom choose topic “other”.
  11. Remember to click the “Complete Submission” button on the second screen!

Good luck! In case of technical problems, you can use the help of: